At the moment, when cycling is equalized with energy saving, carbon reduction and healthy lifestyle, MARECHAL has the green environment appeal which takes cycling aggressively to the next level of fashion design and healthy lifestyle.

For MARECHAL, functionality and practicability of a bicycle are essential, but it is more than a simple assembly of parts and components, a bike should also represent person's taste and style.

MARECHAL Asian Division was established in 2005, situated in Taichung city of Taiwan, with the focus in exporting and importing of bicycles, and provide full line services for OEM customers from overseas. Moreover, it represents many exclusive dealerships of famous brands around Asia. Our team consists with a group of young and vibrant people, we are professional and we pay great attention to system integration and we are passionate about bicycles. Professionalism allows us to be sensitive to the market and understanding customer needs. In this diversified century, only to partner with people who share the same interest and vision creates powerful results, which allow Taiwan to truly become a green environmental bicycle country with design fashions and healthy lifestyle.       
OEM/ODM Capabilities Dealership / Customer Resentation in Taiwan
Export / Import Bicycle products Brand and Marketing Integration
With company's vision and goal, using green environmental philosophy, MARECHAL will continue to work hard and to deliver a wide range of choices for those who is passionate about cycling and who take fashion and personal style seriously.
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