Easton Cycling is two parts science and one part passion. Born at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, Easton Cycling exists for one reason — to make bikes better. Everything we do is based on performance. We embrace new materials, create new technologies and introduce industry standards all to make your bike ride smoother, go faster and last longer.

Easton’s passion for victory and performance has changed the face of cycling, and the company’s game-changing innovations are too numerous to count. Today Easton Cycling is the leader in composite design, engineering and manufacturing for the bicycle industry. We deliver a full range of carbon and aluminum wheel sets and components to manufacturers and riders globally.

Our diverse line product line is a celebration of cycling, with groundbreaking innovations as well as products that offer best-in-class value. Through our advanced mix of materials and clever proprietary designs we’re able to create wheels and components that not only win the weight contests, but also outperform the competition in ride quality and durability.


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